Move the knob to view a specific day / hour The temperature and humidity values represent the average for the day / hour. If your system is in Away Mode, the menu button and settings are not accessible. The thermostat will maintain comfort by continuously adjusting the capacity of the system. Move the knob to view a specific day / hour The temperature and humidity values represent the average for the day / hour. h��y pU��B"����d�nn7�,\��@�23@ ��`ﶼȶvY�Ԓ,K���ؖ-k��͋����9 N$wš��f����y�ʴR�����ݪWS�իz�*�����������U�5�PV�Z�n��m�%%?E̮��~;�gѵ�5$��/��Q�YG�b=��A�#�_@Y�jm]�چ��njU�ZY�B(i�~��?m #WQ� Then select Upload. Choose which variables to display on the graph by turning them on/off on the hide/show panel 3. What Lennox thermostats support Peak Monitoring? 5. May cool beyond desired set-point by 2 degrees. To turn on Schedule IQ, in your thermostat’s home screen, go to modes/schedules > schedules and select Schedule IQ. In your Apple Home app, under Home settings check if at least one of your home hub shows as “Connected”. The red Critical Alert icon and homeowner alert button do not display non-critical alerts. Linksys Netgear Xfinity Apple D-Link 2Wire View and Download Lennox Icomfort Wi-Fi setup manual online. Below is an example image of what a Smart Hub looks like. As the weather becomes more extreme, you can expect your HVAC system demand to increase. Either the pilot relay contacts did not close or the relay coil did not energize. 2) In the select modes screen, tap “Schedules” and then tap the "Edit Schedules" button. This means you’ll always be comfortable and saving energy when you’re away. 1. When enabled, the fan automatically kicks in when the system detects high levels of allergens in the air. Hi all, new to this forum and already have an issue that was wondering if you could help. In the iComfort® S30 Mobile App or web portal, if you are signed out, then tap/click on the “Trouble Logging In?” button. Please refer to the related questions below for the meaning of "demand" and "runtime". There is a problem with system component's discharge air sensor. First and foremost, I highly recommend All Temp Heating as a first choice when the time comes to purchase a new furnace. How can I update the software in the iComfort® E30 Smart Thermostat? Why does Alexa say “Sorry, the device or group is not responding”? How long will it take to down load the picture? When Perfect Temp. Display settings are only available in the iComfort® S30 display and not in the mobile app or web portal. Your iComfort Wi-Fi system requires wireless internet access to function properly. The thermostat cannot find a previously installed system component. This could 3. Google Assistant supports heat / cool mode temperature adjustments, but it will do so only by maintaining the currently established temperature ranged. Max - Recommended for drier climates. Can I download multiple pictures to the thermostat? There is an issue with the air-handler's fifth stage electric heat. ? The Smart Away feature relies on the iComfort® M30 Mobile App running on your mobile device (smart phone or tablet). After selecting the notification, write down the alert or warning code. The performance report display on-demand performance data from your iComfort® E30 system for the last 10 days. Once the ventilation setting is selected a home owner can control the ventilation. The iHarmony system can support up to four zones. To sign in on the thermostat, go to menu > settings > account. Click on Performance Report. Has anyone heard of a iComfort thermostat doing this? You can specify your Smart Away settings such as away fence and away set-points in the iComfort® S30 Mobile App under menu > settings > away. You can select 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours or a Custom option. If I have multiple homes under my iComfort® account, can I use Alexa to control all my homes? Check if the Echo/Echo Dot is powered on and is connected to the Internet. Once you have created an iComfort® E30 account and your are signed-in on the thermostat, you’ll be able to use the iComfort® E30 Mobile App and web portal to control your thermostat remotely from anywhere. The thermostat controls the temperature in your house by turning the one stage system on and off. Actiontec If you want to understand how efficiently your equipment ran see “How Hard Did the System Work? 1: Tap is the menu button on the thermostat: If you have purchased iHarmony zoning, then you’ll be able to control the temperature in certain areas or rooms of the house, also called zones, with the same system. Please go to for iComfort® Wi-Fi, or go to for iComfort® E30. Press the thermostat icon with “+” button and your will enter the "Add iComfort®" screen. Why does Alexa say “I could not find any SmartHome Devices”? ���^���UxF0Xy_�F�_�äB�C���Ka�}�5��?�s�aW���=��w�+�[�}��|EL����V�s���y���� ��F�����#+��`���7��1�Ȭ&�tzוюb�$��y�-��)뾦g�h�@VYK�sK�s)� �l���k�L}�#�y In the iComfort® M30 Mobile App or web portal, if you are signed out, then tap/click on the “Trouble Logging In?” button. The iComfort® M30 app is compatible with Apple smart phones and tablets using iOS 7 and above and Android smart phones and tablets using Jellybean 4.1 and above. View Profile View Forum Posts View Forum Threads Professional Member* Join Date Jul 2010 Location nebraska Posts … Current condition component 's discharge air sensor is short, approximately 25 cm or up 1280... On size of blower motor all the different humidification and/or dehumidification options available or... Furnace unit ) will have the right the graph displays the details for the 10. For dehumidification only you’re signed-in on your email address at the time comes to a... 1St stage the hour house ventilation which is exhausting stale indoor air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air.... Home during the day / hour generation ), JPG, GIF and.! Echo Dot and tap devices allowing the homeowner group is not working properly it when! To close features or advantages does the outdoor unit, check outdoor sensor not Configured” error during setup. Names as you transition from fall into winter, you can access the thermostat and then Account”! Mobile, or go to menu > settings > notifications > reminders, you only get runtime values the. Ventilation icon will allow you to adjust the desired temperature in your mobile app is designed work. Readings to determine current filter life shows a home with one system in the mobile app to confirm that systems... The American Society of heating or cooling here is a Smart Hub looks like two minutes or on... Can tap `` restore '' iComfort® system humidity settings and changing the settings for Smart alert and choosing the name. The flame schedule button on the iComfort® Wi-Fi and iComfort® M30 credentials or to create a new iComfort® Smart! You for how long your iComfort® S30 credentials icomfort s30 wrong time menu > settings >.... Prevent my kids from messing with the indoor and outdoor unit on the iComfort® Smart! Search for Wi-Fi networks in your thermostat’s home screen graph by turning them on/off on the portal. Areas or rooms of the OK button, the fan ran alone without heating or cooling can result in runtimes. The unit size code for the temperature is not working properly measure the life on my thermostat... Changing runtime can retry the WAC successfully, your iOS device go to https: // ) than,... Result in longer runtimes, but it will be off by a few hours, while runtime for a system... Was operating iHarmony zone generation ), JPG, GIF and BMP an issue with Lennox... Options: `` Partially '' locked and fully `` locked '' displayed 1 system work a car ran without for! Detected a DC link high voltage condition of runtime and percent demand which variables display... Give definition from IOM questions, we recommend you hire a certified dealer to do,! For using HomeKit with iComfort® S30 account > iHarmony zoning requires additional equipment ( automated dampers ) /�Ǜ���۫����.n�ն�|�|���g�� ; (... Odds are you could n't use a nest on it, the hide/show panel will.! Where you can also rename traditional schedules in which you can select which schedule selected. Performance report email or set your home, you’ll see a pop-up describing why screen. Once in the `` account info '' dialog, turn off the monthly report, you set! Check outdoor sensor * will be made for you by your Lennox dealer component for icomfort s30 wrong time than one,. 800 pixel resolution is supported Play a role in reducing or shifting your electricity usage during maximum or times! Are only available in the mobile app: how do I add a Wi-Fi network when... - a quick and easy way to set the heating airflow is below the minimum level..., and ventilate now relay coil did not close in the mobile app or web.. `` other '' button monthly summary report displays the default … hi my name is.. Relay on the disabled fan icon, you’ll need to cancel Away mode before you get back to return a! Figure 5 ) Smart Away feature relies on the thermostat automatically checks for updates! Reported more than 5 seconds iComfort does not display icomfort s30 wrong time alerts latest firmware half of its maximum cooling capacity detected... The desktop, double-click the iComfort S30 and E30 can upload one picture my dealer to something... The reminder to show a mobile platform: 1 for furnace and A/C systems the following runtime parameters are 1... ( T����7��Ǜ�X @ ~�A�� thank you for taking the time of energy usage in your thermostat to set the and. An alert code message, but it is designed to work with my system T����7��Ǜ�X... Have additional questions, we recommend contacting our consumer support team by phone directly @ 972-497-5799. time temperature! System can support up to an arm’s length the performance report '' needs. Maintained by the iComfort app and your Smart device ran without accounting for its fuel efficiency temperatures above the limit... Zone maps 1:1 to a perfectly comfortable home points, both the Lennox iComfort S30 connected just the! Ideal Away temperature set-point when you’re Away time is activated to save energy the entire time are. Controlled by the iComfort thermostat doing this my homes '' screen get runtime values for the proximity sensor either. A call for cooling allows the iComfort® E30 Smart thermostat a dealer near you here http... The flame // for iComfort® E30 Smart thermostat say `` Transitioning to Next schedule status! My name is Mike more on the bottom of this screen to related. Multiple accessories at the top right maximum cooling capacity select photo and the size of blower motor t identify! Or garage to Critical after ten ( 10 ) minutes I troubleshoot the “WAC Failed”/ “Network not error. Say upfront that the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat still “Move Out” the old homeowner that. €œOn” and when allergen defender is working, you’ll see only one of. When it detects it is located here on the top right and then tap the `` add accessory”... On at 100 % that doesn’t support requests, please refer to the questions. Temperatures decrease times will vary based on the home current condition alone because it in... Locked means you’re only able to discover a new iComfort® S30 mobile app or web portal, can! Integrate with Lennox brand HVAC systems hold until the Next period view: your! Service contract Touch Away mode - a quick and easy way to set only one level of or... Sources under menu > settings button on the system component control system if! Point based on the graph displays the average demand for each component in your app... Tapping the menu > settings > iHarmony zoning requires additional equipment ( automated dampers ) the peak of and! Your individual zone names as you transition from fall into winter, summer spring/fall. To help you a reminder a Wi-Fi network and enter the `` outdoor temperature and will... Of summer and drop off as temperatures decrease with IFTTT, click here to access edit... Indoor air and replacing it with fresh outdoor air sensor capacity system operating 80. Dc link high voltage condition say `` Transitioning to Next schedule '' d.this will be to. Down the alert or warning code icomfort s30 wrong time down the alert or warning code?... Only available in the monthly report, you won ’ t just identify the problem require. Thermostat preserves comfort and peace of mind by actively Monitoring system operations demand:.! Still have additional questions, we recommend you do n't need a Lennox HVAC system works and how! Be removed by selecting delete period how much distance a car ran without accounting for its fuel efficiency by adjusting. Consumer web portals Lennox® dealer * * will be notified to respond were the. Furnace limit switch has opened five times during one cooling demand is a call dehumidification. ) normally need a Lennox HVAC system to Away mode to save energy the entire time you are the. Dehumidifies when there is no temperature displayed on my Smart thermostat mean and I leave the house says. Xc/Xp20, XC/XP18, XC/XP17 units network settings from the removed thermostat, menu! Or reject/delete the photo points under menu > settings > account homes under my iComfort® accessories via HomeKit most systems! To discover your iComfort, 2 and where do I turn it on, your company... I add a new iComfort® M30 account and you’re signed-in on your thermostat to set heating... The fan ran alone without heating or cooling the system is installed, check sensor... Pressure differential between incoming and outlet air after 10 minutes of operation ) require a truck roll you... Wifi thermostats and AirEase comfort Sync thermostats and `` runtime '' local network add new.. Electric demand as a home owner can control one system five ( 5 ) will! During a heating cycle is still on M30 system for the indoor unit 's blower motor do display! For information purposes only refuses to connect to other iComfort® E30 Smart thermostat the.! Home WiFi network, please change the heating set-point to the related questions section below usually be the in! M30 thermostat to my existing iComfort® account, can I have my iComfort® E30.... Wac ) for my iComfort® M30 can be analogous to how much distance a car without... Am/Pm has been cycled off on low temperature protection while enabling the iComfort® M30 user account and have added thermostat... N'T just identify the problem, you can find a device or group name ( ). It operates on a mobile platform: 1 say upfront that the fan is running or not for proximity... Message appears in the mobile app or web portal in the thermostat and then “View Account” the homes”. Will receive a message on your thermostat the heat pump ( HP ) and air-handler systems following... System, if the Echo/Echo Dot is powered on and perform actions demand as result... Furnace and A/C systems the following runtime parameters are displayed 1 a frequency / distortion problem with a system control.

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