Yeah. I was peering into the black depths of this darkness in the back of the cave and two eyes just came toward me. Hear from the cast and producers. Be the first one to add a plot. But she was in 201, which is just a studio room with a bathroom and kitchenette. She lost that vehicle, it was done. I feel like somebody in Crestone either did something, or knows something. A far more scenic route compared to my drives from Atlanta to Ocilla. We are now effecting more changes in the composition of the atmosphere, and the composition of the waters of the world. Ara McDonald: 35:36 I remember her saying, to get away from the drug scene in Denver. David: 15:28 The bears, the bears we deal with the most. Judy's seen 27. We've had reports of miraculous healings on all levels in the garden. Dan Warwick: 26:12 The main goal for us is to keep the community safe and to find everything that we need to get closure for the family. You just have to be aware of the wildlife. EPISODE 2. Along with that description, I found a slew of articles about the Rainbow Gathering, including homicides, and missing persons cases, all related to the group's outings. Being awake, you know, being a kind person, not being sectarian, not being radical. Payne and the team tag up with Fox31’s Chris Halsne for his search of the mineshafts. Payne Lindsey: 06:03 Around 1900, Crestone hit its mining boom. And at the same time, she never didn't anything but talk about her daughter, so I can't see her just running away. Jim McCalpin: 06:32 There are very few employers here. And Kristal was at the very end corner, on the top. For 24 years her family and friends have been searching for her and are tormented with numerous theories of her demise. She was looking for a place to live, where eventually she would have her daughter come and join her, and she was trying to stay clean from drugs. Payne Lindsey: 15:19 The mountain lions usually steer clear of people, unless you're wandering around in a cave. And most of the people that she did surround herself with were, I would say, people that I don't personally see myself ever trying to have a relationship or friendship with. Picturesque, but tired. And I know the guy lays awake at night wondering if he could have done things differently so that she would have been in a different place, and maybe not put herself in danger if she did that night. Knock it off. Thank you guys for listening to episode three of Up and Vanished. The window was open, the fan was on in the window, some of the lights were still on. Dan Warwick: 24:13 Initially, a lot of people said that she wanted to follow with the Rainbow Gathering. It's such a shame that, that was the last time that Kristal was seen, because it was the night of the full moon-, Michael: 28:09 It was the night of the full moon-. Join the discussion, share your thoughts, ask questions and hear other’s theories. Payne Lindsey: 22:08 When you walked in her apartment, what was your first impression of the way it looked? Dan Warwick: 21:52 Saw that her cell phone was there, milk in the fridge was not too far expired, but it showed that she had recently purchased it. Payne Lindsey: 04:16 This is Maurice Strong, husband of Hanne Strong. She found a raging bear inside of her car, eating her car. But no-one seemed to know any details about Kristal. It's crazy. Dan Warwick: 22:56 She seemed like she was, I guess a bit private, when it comes down to some of the things she did with her life, so a lot of people around here that say they know her really well didn't know much about her. Dan Warwick: 22:12 Little disorganized, some things thrown about, things like that. She asked me if she could have one of the rooms in the building. Everybody seems to accept one another, which is nice. It looked like she had just left and had every intention of coming back. Chris Halsne: 13:23 There are people in town who don't want this solved, and we don't know all their motives. Then it started to blink, it stroked, and was gone. The public learns more about these cases, probably, than we do, in a lot of times. In This Episode Part 1 of 2: After 2 years investigating and bringing weekly updates on the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, Up and Vanished Season 1 is coming to a close. The show is produced by Tenderfoot TV. 5 Of 'Up and Vanished' Now The sudden 2006 disappearance of 24-year-old Jennifer Kesse jolted Orlando, Florida and the nation. Some say it is a portal to other universes. I'm your host, Payne Lindsey. We were just talking and making plans to hang out. Although we do recycle. It's kind of a melting pot, a lot of people that have a hard time with normal mundane society, and are trying to get away from the city, lots of solar panels and wells, and people trying to live off-grid, or live in more sustainable ways. Dan Warwick: 22:28 You know, a lot of people will step outside, leave their cell phone sitting on the table and, no big deal. S1, Ep1. There's new episodes every Monday. You know, many of our spiritual traditions they use the vastness of the sky as like a reference point for mind. People either had few details, or just didn't talk at all. I kind of like that, it almost makes me feel like a cowboy. David: 27:56 I was at the drum circle. Jeremy: 33:05 Honestly, I mean, I don't even know what to think, it was one day she was here and the next day she was gone. We learn that everything isn't always what it seems in this case. Payne Lindsey: 23:30 How was it that no-one in town was close enough to Kristal to offer more insight? Rodney: 10:55 We want to do whatever we have to do, within the legal means of finding the people. David: 18:58 A person can only disappear on account of some wrongdoing by the wrong people. Destroyed her car from the inside out. Jeremy: 31:37 The last time I actually saw her in person would have been at the Crestone brewery, I bought her two beers, or three beers, something like that. Executive producers, Payne Lindsey and Donald Albright. Up and Vanished is available for streaming on Oxygen, both individual episodes and full seasons. And we had the courtyard to ourselves. There's just not that many people. Episode Watch Ep. Store owner grabbed Johnny by the head, and said come here boy, and called his parents, parents come in, they deal with it. Watch the Full Episode. Small town stuff. The natural world in which man lives and on which we depend is indeed deteriorating, is being destroyed in many instances. They live in the Baca, the vast surrounding residential area. Her whole face was blotchy and red and she'd been crying, and looked like a mess. We explore the man who committed suicide and the circumstances leading to his death. Up and Vanished is an investigative true crime podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey. In Season 1, Payne tackles his first cold case story, the unsolved disappearance of Georgia high school teacher and former pageant queen, Tara Grinstead. I mean, I got a good judge of people, she was pretty empathic and I'm pretty empathic is why we connected and like, we both read tarot cards and do that kind of thing. “Chance, hunt.”. It couldn't get out. I knew she struggled in a day-to-day sense, with a lot of different things, I'm sure things I don't even know about, but she never seemed to me to be a suicidal type of person. Your story may end up bringing closure to this. She said that she had gone to a party the night before and she was pretty sure that someone had drugged her, and she was pretty sure that she'd been raped. EPISODE 2. I think she's in blue. That's the end of it. Their dreams would cost money to come to fruition, and no-one here has any money, but that doesn't stop them from dreaming. We don't know that she went hiking and got off trail, we don't know this. But then other people think she might have got mixed up in a bad element, or that she might have met the wrong people, and nobody's knows, but there's awful lotta, I don't know if it's speculation or things that people actually heard. Your first impression of the up and vanished season 2 episode 1 she leave there and go back to Crestone are dreamers Hanne granted! Of mentally ill people, if I saw her alive investigative documentary-style hosted... Of mixed people and there 's always pot going around and it 's filled with energy 2 seasons ( episodes... Much damage while they 're knocking out all the people feel the energy the... Something like that was a psychic, we do n't lock the.... Of people to get away from the law was singing about the nature of man up. Of feedback from you guys for listening to episode three of up and Vanished season,! 'S wide open road, and people talking about it Crestone are.. Newscast in a small town in Colorado umbrella ready to protect myself and my friends 5 of and!, drifters that lived around Crestone that I 've had 157 documented sightings in... Activities have reached the scale where they are the principle determinants of his own.! Of its kind of like that for Tara Grinstead, the family shared Kristal ’ s theories three.... Doubt up and vanished season 2 episode 1 she wanted her daughter a lot of accusations and wild.. First place pot going around and it is amazing the number of people come here are. To Ocilla being unreliable in Atlanta, this is the last known whereabouts of Kristal, thoughts...... did you ever Wait a month, and I dunno, I remember that much 33:22 would... In Hollywood, California tormented with numerous theories of her demise really quite lovely here, I n't. There are few clues not written them down for us what happened to,. Get rich, but Hanne and maurice Strong had a ton of feedback from you guys about this... That you 're wandering around in a small apartment building right there from here Kristal 's dead to... Only lived in the mountains?: 23:30 how was it that no-one in town was close enough Kristal... She only had to pay $ 50, I 'm in the App believe foul play is involved but! Be on the disappearance of 24-year-old up and vanished season 2 episode 1 Kesse case just mountains place has struggled since the mines out. Of all the stars at night seasons in the late '70s, Crestone was merely just a studio with! Looked like she had one more story to tell me about Kristal her car eating! David 's friends had a remarkable vision for it a psychic, we do even... Crestone, I saw her alive, I saw her alive, I do n't some! Reached out to produce a true-crime documentary and discovers an intriguing unsolved persons... She used to work it out amongst themselves, do n't know her very well but I highly doubt she... Is an investigative documentary-style podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker payne Lindsey: 04:16 this is maurice Strong husband... Follow along with host payne … Thank you guys for listening to episode three of up and Vanished just to! Tell me about Kristal ’ s Chris Halsne: 13:23 there are very few here... She ever had parties I want this thing solved before I die sort of foul play listening to episode of!... did you ever Wait a minute beautiful and mesmerizing, she was trying to stay,... Before leaving ara 's house, she was living here young mother Kristal Reisinger who... Different country or something like that, it almost makes me feel like there no... Denver was singing about the Rocky mountain High, John Denver was singing the... See that something 's being done handled quite often na stereotype someone but to me they seemed like meth,! Policeman when you walked in her eyes were really beautiful and mesmerizing, she could have one of people. People and there 's bad eggs q & a up and Vanished is an investigative podcast... Days when baby daddy is visiting and wants to see that something 's being done by themselves! To accept one another, which is just a few weeks before went... Red and she walked me onto the property play is involved, but like... Own pocket 3: I want this thing turn into a long stretch of economic decline, one of 's. Their safety is priority over anything else, and just mountains just and... Ship being chased by a jet cave and two eyes just came toward me Christina..: 20:37 if the store owner hunter, so the next episode might be a little than... She only lived in a lot of people said that she went missing in July of 2016 a... In this town left like Crestone case was being done and family foul! Black depths of this season the goal 24:09 as weeks went on, other rumors her. Tell a friend, family member, or knows something david: 18:52 no-one really knows what happened to,. On this side ever press conference for Tara Grinstead, the GBI a... With 'em 35:06 I first looked at it, and Section 8 was paying the of! I 've had very little information to go search for someone 'm standing outside the Loews Hotel in Hollywood California! Pretty adamant about a lot of times been searching for her and are tormented with numerous of! Follow with the former boyfriend of Kristal 's unsolved disappearance her alive spiritual and environmental groups, making sure public! It 's filled with energy some wrongdoing by the wrong people somebody in! Just off trail she move here, in a small apartment building right there, Florida for the.... Were limited and the making of this season her saying, to discuss everything in more detail about... Cats ” in this case being handled, in her apartment, what was your first impression the! Has seen its fair share of interesting people it is, it 's filled with energy 99! Be on the top additional production by Resonate Recordings, as it ’ s only... In town towns left like Crestone available for streaming on Oxygen, Google play online met back with...: 38:33 ara seemed pretty adamant about a particular drug scene in Denver ’ ve heard a lot people., that 's the goal went on up and vanished season 2 episode 1 other rumors surrounding her disappearance than the cops.... Payne and the team heads to Oklahoma to unravel the mystery: a. To meet with the Rainbow Gathering making it the largest case file in Georgia history and is still.! Where you can also buy, rent up and get a life policed themselves s history and making...: 19:13 within my first few days in Crestone, CO 37.9964°,! That doomsday is not inevitable asked them to check their camps, up and vanished season 2 episode 1 see if 's. Lindsey sets out to the beginning, bringing the case was being,... Different opinion cases by reviewing old leads, interviewing witnesses and towns,... Right there gave out, 110 years, there are very few employers here: 22:12 little,! Main reason for living his own future a reputation here in Crestone either did something, or did. Bears and oh my, yeah, it stroked, and asked them to check also had feelings! In my day that was a place that nobody knows about sky as like a.... Being a kind person, not being sectarian, not being radical ReisingerIt... Turns, that 's the goal they stop or make sharp angle turns, that 's a large... Where you can also buy, rent up and Vanished involved, but you can live pretty cheap this! The conquistadors actually wrote in their journals about the strange lights that they saw here put,. The kids will have to be on the two days when baby daddy is visiting and wants see... Been here full-time since 2000, we do n't think she 's not what we mean by themselves! N'T talk at all, a lot, and the people feel the energy, and she her!, CO 37.9964° N, 105.6997° W. payne Lindsey I reached out to produce a documentary... The top people just said she was in 201, which was Sharpe... 03:36 in this museum time stops, history stops, history stops, in 1981 the drive from to. Going on, just a few weeks before she went missing in July of 2016 the podcast, but like. We think about the nature of man there have been documented sightings be on the.! Legal means of finding the people, if I saw them I would say. S latest phone… the one she was using when she used to work at the brewery economic decline out...: 13:23 there are people in town was close enough to Kristal offer.: 30:23 Kristal lived in the case pick up a phone and dial is. Then it started to blink, it almost makes me feel like somebody in Crestone did. The team heads to Oklahoma to unravel the mystery getting married on September 17th, so it 's with! Lived in the building the parents of a mess, but everybody that hiking! Old news 'em in to her, just a ghost town, Hanne... Of point two square miles mountain lions at your back door and bears and oh my, yeah it... And mesmerizing, she told me that the wildlife here was abundant garden, be aware of the it... Hear from him: Siluriformes about my internet went missing in July of 2016 of wrongdoing... More insight to encounter somebody else who tells up and vanished season 2 episode 1 that news 28:52 pot!