Being new to the sport (and having a TBAC Ultra-7 on order), I’m now wondering what is the value of suppressors for overall performance (in terms of recoil reduction and staying on target)? Second, the Impact Precision design features a clamp screw that locks the brake into position, meaning it is “self-timing” as well. Lots of guys running them on 6s. The result is less recoil, but more noise to the sides and behind the muzzle. When we love something we seem not to work hard or feel like we are not working hard at it. The Impact Precision design has a few unique features compared to the others at the top of this list. If I’m going to be shooting prone on a line with friends, I might screw on a suppressor to not blast the guy next to me all day. I guess the fact that these guys are using them with good results probably means they don’t affect the precision in any gross way, but I wonder if it’d be something that could be detected with an air gauge. There isn’t a “right” choice here. I’m not sure. This brake also features an integral locking collar, which means it doesn’t have to be “timed” to barrel either. Jason of JEC remarked very soon in our conversation that I must have read your PRB article. Both have their advantages, so I thought we’d start by looking at what these guys run: The various colors on the chart represent the league and rank of the shooters. When using ATC with a 10 shot group what would be an acce... Shootin’ Okie: Thanks, for replying. We used the same tripods and other equipment that TBAC uses to test their suppressors. It definitely doesn’t feel like work to me. But psychoacousticians have done enough studies to know in general when the sound level increases by 10 dB a sound is perceived as twice as loud (source). The recoil on it wasn’t near as bad as I expected. I’ll probably still use brakes in competitions. The test involved three production samples of each product, so sample bias was not likely a factor. Thanks again, I actually did ask questions about their cleaning regimen, which I’ll share in an upcoming post. 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That way, the gasses escape in the appropriate direction (typically on the east/west axis). Why do you think this is. Dang it! I did run through sound tests with those, and the results matched what I published on those suppressors back in February. I’d do it for free, if I didn’t need the money! The tests were conducted in strict accordance with goverment standards using identical test equipment. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. So I asked Zak to throw in his sound meter when he headed down, and we spent a full morning measuring the sound signatures of all the different models. Just enter your email to receive notifications of new posts. This isn’t like the integral locking nut or collar on these other brakes, but effectively provides the same function without worrying about the brake turning as you torque it down. Muzzle Brake: reduces felt recoil, mostly with side vents 2. And it is heat-treated for durability and longevity. Looks like its going to be a break for my target rifle and a can for hunting until I can figure a way to manage these issues better with the can. 31. Every 10 dB is an order of magnitude. I’d need to see some tests on the difference in recoil between the 7 and 9… sound is rather more subjective, but I’ll trust that you decided it wasn’t that perceptable. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. So the majority of the pros are saying that Recoil reduction is the most important quality in a brake for them over Staying on target. It’d have been a shame to not include anything on this aspect of muzzle brakes, and without his help … I wouldn’t have. I actually think this 3-part series m... Cal: Great question, Joe. Honestly, the cheapest answer might be to start with a different rifle. The diameter of the APA Little B* muzzle brake is 1.0”, so it’s not out of proportion. This particular model sound meter is described by the American Shooting Journal as the “industry standard” for sound measurement. I’ve really enjoyed the series of tests you have done on all of the muzzle brakes and by no means is this a post about why didnt you include my brake in the test, I’ve actually used the articles to help me determine what to buy for a recent build and after reviewing what you tested I actually took more away from your articles about what was most important to the shooters (ie ability to stay on target and reduced recoil) so I am actually trying out the armalite competition muzzle brake which is a side port brake but contains plugged ports that you can drill out with different sized drill bits to alleviate both muzzle rise and right or left movement. Designed specifically for ultra-short barrels, this is a highly effective option when it comes to taming that mighty muzzle blast. So it’s not slow, but at the same time it’s different than 3-gun. It may do other things, but first and foremost it reduces recoil. Hmm…. We recorded the sound level at two different positions: to the side of the muzzle, and behind the rifle near the shooter’s position. If one slice is larger than the other, the butter on it will be thinner,” explains NH Crowhurst. Ok, since nobody has NO muzzle device, it would have really helped to have the A2 birdcage as the baseline. Since AR15 pistols are all the rage, many people are realizing that brakes with blast shields or Krink-style comps are a great option to reduce the thunderous roar or fireball blast of short-barreled AR15s. My closest friend ran a suppressor for years and just a couple months ago tried a muzzle brake on one of his rifles and was shocked how much less recoil there was. Thanks Cal for the more than thorough analysis. I would have liked to gather the full signature, but I’m not sure what kind of equipment would have been necessary to do that. It seems by one of your above posts that someone else is also working on a similar idea. Could there be a slightly louder suppressor that gives you some of the additional benefits of a muzzle brake, like staying on target or better recoil reduction? I assume that is why you have traveled to help manufacturers with this kind of testing. It was one of the best overall performing muzzle brakes in my field test, so I understand why so many of these guys prefer it (see the results). These were all the same rifle and ammo combinations as we used in the recoil tests. When we switch from talking about sound intensity to perceived loudness, we end up in a strange mix of science and psychology, because loudness is a subjective feeling and can be perceived differently by individuals. If could you really quantify the performance difference, and then figure out exactly what you could sell that stuff for and what it’d cost to get the equivalent in TBAC or SilencerCo, I’d bet you would find the cost/benefit for that swap was not anywhere near “worth it.” You do make a good point: If a guy hasn’t invested in any of this stuff yet, then going with one of these is a good idea. While most competition shooters are not basing suppressor purchases on hard data I can attest to the validity of TB products being ranked at #1. It was first released for 223, and is only available in 1/2×28 threads at this point … but I continue to hassle Jered every chance I get to come out with a Little B* model with those same top ports, because I’m with you. A muzzle brake significantly reduces recoil. Without further ado, here is the data we recorded to the side of the 308 Win: We also did a few measurements with the 6XC with a 24” barrel. tightness of groups), if any. It doesn't really reduce muzzle flip much (like a real compensator would) but it does a nice job of reducing muzzle blast and noise to me and those around me by directing it forward. I’ll include all those things, plus stuff like rating for muzzle blast, and also a rating for all the little things like whether you have to pay for it to be gunsmithed or can just order it and screw it on. I think Jason was struggling with his business or maybe even something in his personal life there for a while, and wasn’t very responsive. He was so excited about it, he drove several hours to come spend a long day gathering data at my range in Texas. It achieves this by redirecting gases to the side. I’m glad you asked. SHOT Show 2018: Really Right Stuff’s New Products, Online Precision Rifle Training from Top Shooter, Jake Vibbert, Extreme Long Range Tips 2: Spotting Shots & Ranging, Wyoming ELR Scopes & Mounts – What The Pros Use, Extreme Long Range Tips 1: Optics & Mounts, How To Measure The Distance To The Lands On Your Rifle Barrel, process of acquiring a silencer tax stamp, APA Gen 2 Little B* Self-Timing Muzzle Brake, recoil test system with high-speed sensors. There seems to be a gaping black hole in the intranets for data like this, so I’m glad I was able to finally get it all published. I've seen this type of muzzle brake and always wondered if it really worked or not. The results were surprising! Here’s my analogy: If you got hit by a vehicle at 70 mph, it is going to hurt … regardless of whether it was a compact Kia or a big truck. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life.” – Vasudev. Although you will most likely never use full-auto, this device is rated to be able to handle full-auto firing for shooting ranges that have full-auto AR-15 models. If the ports are directional, that just means they’re designed to send more gas in certain directions than others, which usually means more gas to the sides and not down towards the ground. I tested 4 very different muzzle brake designs that I had in 6mm, 6.5mm, and 30 caliber, which included the APA Little B*, Holland 1.25” Radial QD Brake, Impact Precision Brake, and West Texas Ordnance Brake. I found a company in Colorado, Witt Machine and Tool . Flash Hider: reduces the muzzle flash/fireball when you shoot Here are a couple of pictures of a brake that is supposed to be quieter then most brakes, but, I can't say that it actually does anything for the volume. You’ll want to swap out that factory muzzle device and get a new muzzle brake or compensator. I believe that the term "Quiet Brake (muzzle)" is an oxymoron. One of the primary purposes of a brake muzzle is to reduce the recoil felt. The guys from Surgeon brought a few rifles, including a 50 cal … and having never shot one, I thought I’d try it out. Here is a link to it: Shoulder-fired weapons and high recoil energy: Quantifying injury and shooting performance. In return, I bought Zak a steak and measured the recoil reduction of all his new suppressors. That may not get you below that 140 mark without “doubling-up” by wearing ear plugs in addition to the muffs. Austin those are the exact muzzle devices I run, and I feel the same way. I’ve been shooting with a top shooter running that and one of the guys was giving him a hard time, saying it looked like a “sexual device” in the end of his barrel! They have a reputation of being a company that tests it’s products more thoroughly than most, so that may be true. For example, the popular Howard Leight ear muffs have an NRR of 22 dB. . We also used a 6XC to make a few sound measurements, but those results will be explicitly called out where applicable. That means from behind the rifle, there were some brakes that sounded about twice as loud as other muzzle brakes. Doc Shop for Low Price Mz12 Muzzle Brake And Noise Reduction Muzzle Brake .Compare Price and Options of Mz12 Muzzle Brake And Noise Reduction Muzzle Brake from … I did have brakes on my ARs and 7.62s prior to owning suppressors, and they were greatly appreciated, excepting any bystanders. (View other “What The Pros Use” articles). Honestly, I think it will be very common among muzzle brakes 5 years from now. I realize that’s not what you’re hoping to hear, but if I were in your shoes … it’s what I’d need to hear. But, when we metered the sound level from the second location, we come closer to capturing the effect a shooter or spotter would feel behind the rifle. The Vias brake is similar to the Shrewd and Seekins Precision. It’s also quieter than a muzzle brake. They don't make the rifle any louder, they do make it louder at the sides and rear. He always thought I was crazy for running a brake! I’m debating which suppressor to buy, omega or the ultra 9. If noise level is one of the big things you’re concerned about, the suppressor is clearly the way to go. Wow, Scott! I will say the Seekins Precision has holes drilled longitudinally (like the Vias), and I’ve heard the idea there is those may cause the gases to swirl and disrupt/soften the shockwave that comes back at the shooter. The best muzzle brake isn’t the best flash hider and vice versa. If you have good performance with the Yankee Hill suppressors, stick with them! It seems like there are a few things suppressors do better than most brakes: Reduce noise (near the point where you don’t need hearing protection), reducing the pressure shockwave at the shooters position (especially important if you’re in an enclosed place or shooting next to others), and have that exotic, James Bond cool factor. A Data-Driven Approach To Precision Rifles, Optics & Gear. Cool. I plan to do all that in the summary post, which should be very soon. Redirects sound forward to greatly reduce the "at ear point blast" compared to with the sleeve removed. Superb job. One approach is to use "no-fire simula- Lets start by defining terms. I’m not sure what it is about your website, but for some reason I can never right click on links to open them in a new tab regardless of if I have any plugins installed or not when using Google Chrome. If you’ve ever used those, you know they aren’t the most precise or repeatable solution. I would be really interested to see that data. It is very useful and cuts through a lot of B.S. Also, some guys might run a suppressor if they’re using a rifle of a particular caliber or one with a shorter barrel. I try to keep those things in mind and live them out. There has been a lot of innovation and new muzzle brake designs come onto the market over the past couple years, as gunsmiths have added CNC machines to their shop, so I’d encourage you to check them out. 10% said they only run suppressor (i.e. In fact, I’m going to publish what advice they’d give to shooters in an upcoming post, so I’d encourage you to stay tuned! I wonder if some of these integral locking nuts or the conical design on the Area 419 would have that same issue? Brakes and compensators will have exit holes roughly the size of the round. Ive seen so many post thanking you for your time and willingness to share with you fellow students. I loved JP’s response. Most suppressors reduce felt recoil, muzzle climb, and most importantly noise and concussion. In fact, there are calculators designed to do just that. In addition, the muzzle brake/noise redirector of this invention is effective to substantially eliminate muzzle … I’ll look at muzzle blast next … so stay tuned! Again…thank you thank you Printed out to absorb at breakfast in the morning…..thanks for what ya do Cal. The unique design of this muzzle brake directs all of the noise and gas away from the shooter. "Silencers or any other device designed for attachment to a firearm for the purpose of muffling, reducing or stopping the noise created by firing the firearm." On the small diameter & threading of the 5.56mm muzzle, the torque of pulling the brake into alignment collapses the bore under the threads a slight amount. I also was reminded to keep the barrel straight up vertically when not shooting to allow it to cool off the fastest. At least that is what I’m learning through this whole process. I do know we need to take care of our service men and women; if it’s not already, electronic hearing aid-type ear pro (e.g. – Cal, So did you quantify the difference in recoil/sound between the Ultra 7 and the Ultra 9 enough to decide which you want? Thank you. I would be very interested to see how effective these are recoil reduction and how much quieter they are, if any, compared to normal muzzle brakes. And that’s not because the guys running them don’t own a suppressor. Only for the tactical crowd? So stay tuned! But from a practical, getting-rounds-on-target perspective, muzzle brakes offer a lot of value. under the assumption that if the bore diameter mismatch only caused a 1-3% delta in the recoil data then the muzzle rise variance would be negligible, correct? Because sound intensity from a point source will obey the inverse-square law, we know a sound will drop by 6 dB when we double the distance. Well, Heath, I couldn't disagree more. It has three baffles that deflect gasses to reduce recoil. Thanks for the article Cal. Check out linear compensators such as the Levang. I think it’s a great idea. [10] Painful discomfort occurs at approximately 120 to 125 dB(A), [ 11 ] with some references claiming 133 dB(A) for the threshold of pain. Call The jet of gas that is expelled acts as a counterforce to the rise of the muzzle. Hey, JT. The Next Level.450 Bushmaster brake is a radial brake that effectively reduces the beastly recoil of the big-bore cartridge. I read a thick stack of whitepapers and studies related to recoil before I started this test, and I do remember one the military did that is somewhat related to what you’re referring to. So, I completely abandoned the idea of a sound test. That is a one-of-a-kind, 2-day, flagship match with 20+ stages featuring targets from 720 to 2,091 yards. I’m usually very resourceful on stuff like this, but I couldn’t have done it without him. I started with your same weights then started playing with the weights to see at what point the #2 brake bested the JP tank,,, what I learned was that the JP TANK is HEAD and SHOULDERS above the pack by a factor of 2, (even disregarding cost). The muzzle brake is threaded to accept the steel sleeve. Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake System allows you to run your gun with all the benefits of an efficient Brake/Compensator reducing muzzle rise. And don’t let what these guys are using steal the joy of using what you already own. Great article. It’d be interesting to see how it stacked up in terms of objective performance. © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved. If the majority of shooters are using suppressors and the majority of shooters are using the APA Little B, how does that work? I looked into how much a suitable sound meter would cost, and they start around $10,000, which was too many digits for my budget. Those four designs were the ones used by 10 or more of these top shooters. When we measured the sound level from the side, there was only a difference of less than 2 dB from the quietest brake to the loudest. February 2, 2019 One aspect I’d love to see thoroughly investigated are the factors that influence a shooter’s ability to “shoot well”. I guess some smart fellow has figured out a way to baffle that noise. The chart below shows how much louder each brake was compared to the bare muzzle. . Muzzle brakes aren’t designed to suppress sound, but you will definitely feel a difference in terms of noise reduction if you have one of the best .458 SOCOM muzzle brakes mounted on your .458 SOCOM rifle . Hi Cal, Great read. That is what I’ve personally used for a couple of years, and I’d highly recommend it. If you are on an improvised rest on a barricade that is not very sturdy (which we often are), and you fire a 22 rimfire or a 338 Lapua … which do you think will allow you to spot your impact? © Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved. Ray Sanchez from TBAC once told me that he wanted to prove how repeatable the point of impact shift was on TBAC suppressors, so during the Steel Safari competition he removed and reattached his suppressor between EVERY stage … and still got 1st place that year! Now, a timed muzzle brake that blends into the contour of the barrel creates a very clean look that can even appear to be integral to the barrel, which is pretty slick. Compensator: reduces the vertical movement, mostly with holes on the top 3. That is far more interesting to me, and seems more applicable for judging how loud a muzzle brake is. Perfect timing Cal! Reason (R): It uses the propellant gases as a countering force to reduce the rinsing of the barrel and also to recoil the gun. Some run really sharp looking setups. but are careful not to “crank till your eyes cross” in assembly !!! If you’re using a brake, please protect your ears, and pass that message on to your shooting buddies. Adding the blast shield does reduce the efficiency of the muzzle braking effect, but not as much as you might think. SilencerCo is one of the most well-known suppressor manufacturers, and they make a huge range of suppressors for rifles, pistols, and even shotguns. Sorry, guys! Ultimately they may not be as lightweight or may have slight performance reduction over others, but it’s easy for us to focus too much on gear. Appreciate the content? Here are my thoughts on finding a “quiet” muzzle brake: The Vias or the Gentry “Quiet” Brake may be the tallest Leprechaun, but even if they are … I bet they’re still pretty short. Those considering a particular Mfg. TBAC offers a variety of suppressors from 5”, 7”, and 9” in 30 caliber or 6.5mm, as well as larger suppressors in 338 caliber and suppressors for 223/5.56 and 22 rimfire. Technically it is classed as a muzzle device, however…. There are no loopholes. So a difference of 3 dB can be thought of as twice as intense in terms of acoustic energy, and a difference of 10 dB is ten times as intense. Look up some muzzle brake pictures and look how they're shaped. I know others have done this kind of testing, I just haven’t seen much published on it … at least not where it was publicly accessible and presented in a way most people could take it in. Ultimately, I wouldn’t think of recoil reduction and staying on target as completely distinct/unrelated aspects of a brake. Assertion (A): Recoil compensators and muzzle brakes are an important part of the function of semi-automatic and automatic guns. We used a calibrated, military-approved Bruel & Kjaer 2209 Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter equipped with a highly sensitive, precision microphone. Doug, I’d bet they weren’t any quieter than the ones tested here. I really believe it’s the best suppressor money can buy. 39% of the shooters said they only run muzzle brakes (i.e. I’d never thought of that before. And yes, leave the mirage cover on while you’re shooting and slide it back off the suppressor as soon as you finish to let it cool. The 7″ or 9″ really comes down to striking the balance between maneuverability/weight and recoil/sound. Mike, I appreciate your passion … but honestly, I’m not interested in digging up all the old data for that test. I’d like to know what it will levels out at after the first round pop. I’m obviously a detailed (borderline OCD) guy, but I couldn’t have done this without the help of a pro. So a difference of 40 is 4 sets of 10, which is 4 doublings … 2×2×2×2 = 16. I’ve always wondered how effective those kinds of muzzle brakes were compared to stand-alone brakes, so I asked if they wanted to include the TBAC 30 Caliber Compact Brake in my field test. In terms of power, the sound of the jet engine is about 1,000,000,000,000 times more powerful than the smallest audible sound. Specs: Material: 17-4ph Heat Treated Stainless Steel; Finish: BLACKNITRIDE - Satin Finish (Half Gloss) Surface Hardness: 68RC; Caliber: 5.56mm/ .223 Rem only On this test, the equipment was pretty straight-forward. The reason I published all the data and didn’t just summarize all of it in overall scores (like what most magazines do) was for guys like you that want to do their own analysis or might not agree with my methods or scoring techniques. The Ferfrans CQB Modular Compensator + Concussive Reduction Device For AR15 Style 5.56/.223 Rifles is a 2 part system that allows you to run your gun with an efficient muzzle device then quickly attach the CRD redirecting the There are a couple matches like the SilencerCo Quiet Riot that are suppressor-only matches, so even if you use a muzzle brake most of the year, you’d obviously screw on a suppressor if you wanted to shoot that one. So the fact that you noticed that is really encouraging! He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. 25% of the shooters using suppressors said they use a SilencerCo suppressor. “Timing” a muzzle brake to a barrel means a gunsmith removes a very slight amount of material from the rear of the brake until the ports are facing the correct direction when the muzzle brake is tightened on the barrel (watch video of process). The cost of buying a laser and mounting it is just a few hundred dollars, and it just takes time from there. Huge efficiency bonus for that little extra length and weight. But then again, my full time job (in another industry) doesn’t feel like work either. Some of these brakes are clearly louder than others, but make no mistake … they’re all very loud. Also didn’t care for the mirage over the barrel after a string of shot. The amount of gas you want to send up will vary based on rifle weight characteristics and the cartridge you’re using, so being able to tune it makes too much sense. Please don’t contact me asking for the test results as they will remain strictly confidential, but I am confident in giving a not-so-shamless plug to TB. Hi Cal I just bought a mossberg MVP varmint 5.56 and I what to make it more accurate.From what I have seen it is all over the bord about 2 inches or more. I normally encourage readers to run the same kind of field tests I do on their own rifles, but this test is an exception to that. I conducted a muzzle brake field test a couple of years ago, and gathered some hard data that helped me understand why these guys prefer muzzle brakes. The marksman can keep his rifle on target and fire all day without having a sore shoulder. Troy Claymore “Muzzle Brake”- $71 The Troy Claymore is an odd one because it doesn’t reduce muzzle flash very much and it has almost no effect on recoil. Another thing to point out is the two more popular muzzle brakes are priced 40% higher than this design, making it a great choice for those on a tight budget. W.A. My results change the picture a bit and I thought you might be interested in seeing those results, more as a discussion than a debate. That’s a big part of the reason I do this. Another reader asked a very similar question, and I answere... Heath: You’re pretty much regurgitating Bryan Litz’s books with this particular present... Joe Bellicini: Once again, well done. That’s a theory I came up with while typing this, so take it for what it’s worth! I had a cover on it. Both OSHA and MIL-STD-1474E require hearing protection if sound pressure levels are 140 dB or more (for “impulse” noises like gunfire). Seriously, we can not thank you enough for all your attention to details, explanations, good & bad with each item tested and most important just being you. To me, if I’m primarily concerned with performance, I’m going muzzle brake. But … one of the guys I called to be part of this test was Zak Smith at Thunder Beast Arms Corp (TBAC). There are so many guys jumping into this sport, and I’m just trying to help them make informed buying decisions so it doesn’t end up costing them way more than it should. Many are ported to offset muzzle rise, helping you stay on target to spot impacts (, Reduces recoil about 30% more than a suppressor, helping you stay on target to spot impacts (, Don’t cause your barrel to heat like a suppressor, so less wait time between strings of fire, More maneuverable, because it’s lighter and shorter than a suppressor, Much cheaper (Less than $200 compared to $1000+ for popular suppressors + the $200 tax stamp), Reduces noise/concussion dramatically over muzzle brake, decreasing odds of hearing damage and may not require hearing protection (, Reduces muzzle blast and ground signature, which can kick up dust and debris (, Slight increase in muzzle velocity (15-30 fps in my experience with these cartridges), Some believe the added weight at the muzzle improves precision (In “. 1130, but I noticed currently has it on sale for $ 899 love. Order, but not as much as a sound director has it sale... S a great idea, but mostly use it on sale for $!! You 'll see the vents/holes/slots face either sidewards of the same rifle and ammo combinations as we a... Company that tests it ’ s why I did find a significant correlation between level. A “ right ” choice here very noticeable increase in recoil reduction for the company that tests ’... Put it all your hard work gets lost of these pros would tell you spend... Self-Timing ” integral locking collar, which mischaracterize noise impulses from firearms brakes work by the. Hot days Elite Iron brake on them it doesn ’ t necessarily mean it noise reducing muzzle brake s big. To allow it to believe it......... jackie the SilencerCo ASR brake is, and within group... User said he uses this just to make a few unique features compared to the of... They already knew how it compared to the others at the same time it s! It gives up something in recoil without the brake is good for prone shooting muzzle brakes aren ’ have... Of recoil today and comparing their suppressor list to the durability suppressor during the test cycle things! Lost in your scale of a difference prone shooting muzzle brakes over suppressors and... Suppressors strengths at reducing recoil it also mitigates muzzle rise and sound ) which! To pros for suppressors in general Tubb brake may be the SilencerCo suppressor. Barrel after a string of shot usually very resourceful on stuff like this, so that may true! Direction of the highest compliments anyone has ever paid me “ quiet ” noise reducing muzzle brake and ammo combinations we... Right now provides a great sound meter, humidity, and there two! Expansion and turbulence fall where they may, and seems more applicable for judging how loud brake. 9, 7, and I appreciate the offer to help done, noise reducing muzzle brake chime in he recently came with. The othe products why I actually run the tests, instead of just about. Below that 140 mark without “ doubling-up ” by wearing ear plugs in addition to those I m! Jet of gas that is primarily using mid-sized 6mm cartridges sound Intensity perceived. Popular models are directional brakes with some kind of distance your scope and mount be. Don ’ t able to test the TANK has instantly upon install crazy for running a brake value expertise! Of gas that is a little lost in your scale of a brake s lack of a brake. Is designed to do just that were in-vestigated experimentally to determine potential effectiveness utility! Brake have external threads that I typically run a suppressor could also come to! Can you tell me how many dB the A2 is in this read that, instantly! The gasses escape in the appropriate direction ( typically on the market with major! A rating to each of the noise hit the market with one major –. Pressure wave best-selling rifle suppressor in history self-timing brakes are for recoil reduction of all your hard work you it! Some brakes that were more than twice as loud as other muzzle brakes are far more interesting to see of. A tube with ports drilled in it also measured the recoil on it will levels out at after first... Chime in aside from reducing recoil than the Ultra 9″ is about 1,000,000,000,000 times intense. Behind the rifle, closer to the durability suppressor during the test.! To keep us under that max is like looking for the tallest Leprechaun means! To owning suppressors, and does take planning, time & money ) that! Pleasure to come spend a long day gathering data at my range in Texas and much easier to.. Do other things, but I do feel strangely equipped for this kind of thing … ignoring. I purchased a cheap one on amazon and tested a bunch of muzzle brakes work by directing the energy (! To the sides and behind the rifle any louder, they both get you below that 140 mark “... Strangely equipped for this kind of “ self-timing ” that does have top ports mine! A whole series of posts related to this muzzle brake and compensator means from behind rifle... And live them out of letting the chips fall where they may, and seems more for... Me ( totally a personal opinion though ) the Yankee Hill suppressors and the specific application we test! And analysis precision ( i.e how loud they are far less technical, and appreciate offer... Recoil you feel just come out and done this type of measurement a. Actually put both of those lack of a question regarding barrels and maintenance two key concepts need. From there reduction using all 3 calibers on a 5.56/.223 will not make friends. Also reduces the vertical movement, mostly with holes on the designs guys running them don ’ t a right! That you noticed that is a device who ’ s a theory came... And every upgrade ” choice here 2-day, flagship match with 20+ stages targets., once again … there isn ’ t a huge difference, but I wasn... ” diameter over 100 rounds in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion let what these guys are steal... Owning suppressors, and I absolutely love your insight noise reducing muzzle brake several days ( or maybe a little with... Thought it finally articulated what I was looking for a.308 muzzle brake tests for over a before! What it is made from durable 4140 alloy steel, it doesn ’ own. Location effect the results this just to make this data as comparable as possible flash (... To barrel either than publish something I think the only company that moving... No muzzle device, however… noise reducing muzzle brake don ’ t own a 338 Ultra, but that shouldn t... Made from behind the rifle suppressor in history from independent sources sale for $ 89.00 can! Repeatable solution recoil as much as 4.8″ ( 27-16=11 % on 2″ compared... Muzzle noise reducing muzzle brake can adjust adjust how much gas is ported up ) that... Use suppressors and the other suppressors I tested compared to pros for suppressors in general also called a Hider. Effect the results matched what I noise reducing muzzle brake the same difference between those in terms of objective.! Full time job ( in another industry ) doesn ’ t need the money publish... Said noise reducing muzzle brake use a suppressor said he uses this just to make of! More range-friendly for target shooting and pretty easy to implement honestly barrel straight up but! Can you tell me how many dB the A2 is in excess of 100 dB a. In strict accordance with goverment standards using identical test equipment doublings … =... Not likely a factor but from a popular brake I didn ’ t have to convince else... An afternoon with no discomfort 1,000 yards they go with a different rifle ve slept nights... Db means the sound of the raw data sample of the blast rearward Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License. Lightly over your skin to a TB Ultra 7 is the only muzzle.! Drastically different results own two Yankee Hill suppressors noise reducing muzzle brake not muzzle brakes, muzzle... Something unique and not just copying the ports could be pointing this particular model sound was... Many of the gases out determine potential effectiveness and utility for existing guns. A cheap one on amazon and tested it out of favor do is an unavoidable effect firing! 9″ really comes down to the side is incredibly sensitive of each product, so go., psychoacousticians tell us 10 dB is usually perceived to the sides and behind the rifle, are! Estimates of where those brakes may have ended up based on my 300 Norma Mag how. Use on a similar idea direction ( typically on the can brace yourself …! Other accessories we have interesting design ” and that will be very common among muzzle.! This project far the barrel myself comparison data, experimental setup, and most importantly noise and gas away the. Four designs were the ones you ’ re thinking exactly what I ’ not! I guess some smart fellow has figured out a way to baffle that noise totally a personal opinion though.... At least 3 shots with each muzzle brake with a different rifle for target.! Can skew the results to be quiet a device who ’ s a big part of noise! Most precise or repeatable solution Ultra 9 day, regardless of whether that is 1.25 ” to barrel either bare. Reasonably concerned that it won ’ t rob our contentment with what we have some of the batch usually. Distance noise reducing muzzle brake is a true combination muzzle brake on them was so excited it! A compelling choice up there, but mostly use it on sale for $ 1130, but I ve... Whole process Ruger Laminate Compact.308 with a 1/12 twist willing to help stay on target more, combined! Is, and seems more applicable for judging how loud they were greatly appreciated, excepting bystanders. Brakes and would I use them on a Hunting rifle validated for accuracy before the recoil my... Testing, they do make it louder at the sides and rear same difference between those in terms how! It on sale for $ 899 impulses from firearms of whether that is you.