Our shop is looked after by professional management and well-trained staff that are there to help you and fully understand the impact that the correct choice of equipment can have on your holiday, 3. Skiing is one sport that has expanded huge regard all over the humankind and in the past decade have grow to be quiet awareness grabbing sport because of the Himalayas.. The carnival would boost tourism in Auli and nearby places.. Auli (1917-3027 m) – one of the three most well-known ski resorts in India.Of massive snow-covered area, where it was built and opened at one time part of the Indian Army, designed to patrol the border with Tibet areas. Private ski lessons really do offer the ultimate in flexibility. In fact Auli will host the Senior National Alpine Snow Board and Cross Country in February 2021. Auli is a wonderful tourist destination, which is famous for hiking and ski all over the world. Our Best 6 Days Ski Course Program :---->, Day 1 :: Arrive to Auli. The slopes have been dressed and improved making them perfect for hosting skiing festivals and competitions of national and international standards. 19:00 Dinner Welcome drink and later  Dinner. Single sharing rooms are possible on request. for a single person. 0. Skiing equipment’s and Skiing Boots, poles etc... You can also go for ice skating and skiing, if you visit Shimla in winters. Later move to Ski Slopes Auli and will be a full half day on the snow including a short lesson to stand and balance with ski/snowboard and a chance to get your legs back into action. Past Skiing Festival/Events in Auli. Come this winter and Learn skiing or snowboarding at Auli Himalayas. It is the second longest and highest ropeway in Asia. On 5 days off there’ll be an opportunity to practice and free style Skiing/Snowboarding at Auli Skiing Slopes. 4. Call Us +91-983 793 7948 Mail Us mail@auliskiing.in Festivals: The Auli Skiing Festival near Joshimath held every year during February/March projects the competition between skilled skiers from all over the world. The good news is that after you are done partying, 2021 has a bunch of long weekends you can plan ahead for (fingers crossed). Auli Ski and Snowboard School aspires to put Auli on international map as one of the preferred skiing destinations. Welcome and check inn. We focus only in Ski, our own base at Auli and Lower Auli. Ahead of the Kumbh Mela to be held in Haridwar during 2021, it is important to meet the expectations of the religious fraternity. It provides an superb panoramic view of the huge mountain peaks like Nanda Devi, Kamet and Dunagiri. #Himalayas 1, All veg meals from Day 1 Dinner till Last day Breakfast. Neat and Clean Rooms with Room heater on Double / Triple Sharing bases, 6. Travel. Things to Know Before Visiting Auli. It is famous worldwide as one of the popular skiing destinations in India. Imagine being enveloped by snow and enjoying it! A white winter wonderland, Auli is famous for its ski resorts, ski slopes and ski events that are organised every winter. Level of Comfort Stay and Training section, 6. 08:00 Breakfast Here we are back with 2020 Auli Skiing Snowboarding Course 2021 Calendar, Backcountry skies, school groups skiing lesson, corporate skiing tours, ski course auli. Auli is a snow-covered hill station located at an altitude of 2-3 thousand metres above sea level, providing a very beautiful view of Mt Nanda DeviKamet, Mana Parwat, Dunagiri, Beethartoli, Nilkanth, Hathi Parbat, Ghori Parbat and Nar Parbat, is an ideal place for Skiing, covered with evergreen conifers and oak forest. The lower station is Joshimath and it takes an approximate time of 25 minutes to reach Auli. 10. 6. Our ski and snowboard courses are designed for all age groups. By Pursottam Last updated Dec 29, 2020. According to beliefs, Guru Adi Shankaracharya came to this holy place. Most important is a willingness to try out new ideas. Auli has been the venue of Skiing Festivals since 1986. 2. But ask around. 1, All veg meals from Day 1 Dinner till Last day Breakfast. Training will cover level 1-3 teaching progressions. Ski & Snowboard, You can visit the place to enjoy trekking and skiing. Our instructors match these requirements perfectly and will help you avoid common pitfalls and progress at a speed that you hoped for but didn’t really think possible. Safety record of 20 years only in Ski Adventure Club From the most adventurous places to smoothest sand beaches, from snow-capped mountains in Auli to beautiful beaches of Gokarna; from culturally rich sights in Jaipur to biodiversity of National Park. Skiing in Himalaya region is extreme adventure skiing sports vacation at Auli in india. 7. The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) provides skiing courses for beginners and professionals at Auli, which are held for 7 to 14 days from December to March. The snowfall has been a blessing particularly at Auli, India’s skiing paradise. A combined Level 2 and Advanced ski course, running in early January Great for remembering what you should be doing for the rest of the season. Latest Tecniq that will help you to quick learn, 9. Get your own a waterproof jacket and trousers plus are willing to buy some thermal tops and bottoms, a fleece, some gloves and sunglasses, you will be fine! The MINIMUM standard is to be able to ski using open parallels. Whether you are a first day beginner or an experienced rider looking to develop your skills, We will 100% meet your requirements. So best time is Mid January till Early March. We are local based in Auli and no one know better then us. Today it also hosts National Championships, organized by Winter Games Federation of India, in the months of February and March. #WorldSnowDay celebrated by #Himveers of Mountaineering and Skiing Institute ITBP Auli, Uttarakhand on 17 January 2021. Obviously snowfall start from end of December and January meaning fresh powder snow (soft and fluffy) but often grey and cold days, February offers blue skies but the weather is often super cold and freezed. 15:00 Meet up with friends Enjoy the undivided attention of your own private ski instructor and let us help you make the most from your skiing holiday. 6. The lush green environs […] Best safe and secure Skiing Instructor Cost Include ::--> Breakfast / Lunch and Dinner will be at Ski and Snowboard School Auli. Chair lift ride on last two days two rounds as well lift. School, Auli Garhwal Himalayas These now include the national championships in the months of February and March, organised by the Winter Games Federation Of India. From Gorson, Auli's only chair lift travels to the base lodge, which is a small building that marks the opening point of all the ski runs. Skiing festival and championships are also conducted during winter season in Auli by winter games federation of India. 1. 13 Best Places to Visit in India in January 2021. We have added an exciting range of children’s ski lessons to our programme for 2017. ... this place hosts a festival called as Rann Utsav. In the winter Auli is tempting with its snow-white mountain slopes and skiing facilities. Certificate and non-certificate courses are provided ranging from 4 days to 14 days. Best Places to Visit. Soon as the new year dawns upon us, we get busy streamlining our resolutions and traveling mostly features at the top of the bucket list. This hill station falls under the Chamoli district and is a part of the Garhwal region. Auli is a hill station situated in the Chamoli district in the Himalayan mountainsof Uttarakhand. We will provide chair car only for those skiers who are able to Come through Slopes Course I. Auli This popular hill station is an ideal tourist destination where people enjoy romantic vistas, adventure activities, and much more. Neat and Clean Rooms with Room heater on Double / Triple Sharing bases Skiing – Things to do in Auli. 09:00 Lesson begins 6.Lakshadweep You can easily rejuvenate the beauty of the picturesque hills and slopes of Auli with the help of a good travel guide as well. 12:30 Rest Auli, at an altitude of around 2800 meter above mean sea level, is one of India's top skiing destinations. The resort about 10 km of trails, riding mainly for beginners and those who have just experienced. It is mainly famous for skiing completion that is held every year. The history of Auli is found, in the 8th century. Separate Female ski Instructor for females 24 Hours Helpline Numbers : +91 09837685986 / 09412018481 / 09412439693. Pay for the instructor and not per person. If you are a travel freak and want to make plans for the year 2021, here are the best 12 places in India scheduled month-wise which you Tuesday , January 19 2021 Home January 22 | 6PM - January 26 | 7AM. This place is known for oak edged slopes and flourishing coniferous forests. A short distance beyond Gorson lies the hill of Gorson Top, which provides superb mountain scenes and is on the 24-km trek to kauri Pass. 24 Hours Helpline Numbers : +91 09837685986 / 09759675791 / 09412018481. 7 Days & 10 Day Ski Course Auli Dates for 2020/21, Standard Ski Course 6 Days Cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 30000 per head & 23000 per head Haridwar to Haridwar, Deluxe Ski Course 6 Days cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 35000 per head & Haridwar to Haridwar 39000 per head, Luxury Ski Course 6 Days cost ::--> Auli to Auli @ 59000 per head & Haridwar to Haridwar 65000 per head. Snow-capped mountains and the snow-bedded ground attracts you to take a plunge, all you need to do is fasten yourself to the ski board and fly off. First experiences beginner/intermediate Private ski school  recognized  by UTDP and affliated school by SNSAU.  Only ski school with backup  infrastructure in Auli. All rights reserved. 9. 8. You’ll learn about Stance and Balance and get an introduction to the Core Competencies. Seperate Ski Instructor for Females on Demand, 7. Skiing festivals are also conducted at Auli. Well, here are some of the ideal areas to book your flights to and enjoy the beginning of the year with fun and excitement. Saftey record of 20 years only in Ski Adventure Club. 08:45 Put ski’s on Helmet are compulsory Level 2 aims to develop technique for a wider variety of skiing situations and to apply them whilst also building up mileage on skis. One Indoor sessions will include ‘Leadership Training’ and the ‘Forces in Skiing/Snowboarding’. On Day 4 and 5 You will learn about rotation, edging and cover Core Competencies in more detail. A skiing festival too is conducted at the place every year where a lot of tourist participation is witnessed. Skiing equipments and Skiing Boots, poles etc... 3. 8. Small group sizes, enthusiastic instructors and an interactive approach to learning guarantees that everybody has fun. Welcome to Auli Skiing. So this time, we take you on a virtual tour of a snow meadow, Auli. And here we can help you to make the list of best places to visit in January 2021. 13 Best Places to Visit in India in January 2021. Other than skiing, Auli is an extraordinary spot to spend a laidback occasion, make a snowman, play with the snowballs, or basically sit in the patio of your lodging and watch the encompassing magnificence… you can live like this eternity here! 3. Auli Skiing offers variety of Ski and Snowboard courses every winter. By the end of this training block you have an understanding of the fundamental skills and the level 1 course standards. Skiing: Whats a few bumps and spills amongst friends!Amateurscan attempt the smaller slopes, but if you are a freestyle skier, you could race down one of the best skiing slopes in the world on Auli’s four snow slopes, which are 5.2km long. Our ski and snowboard courses are designed for all age groups. No matter what you are learning you need clear instruction and feedback, encouragement, support and a sense of fun always comes in handy too. Auli offers exhilarating skiing opportunities to both beginners as well as skilled skiers. Sponser are K2 Ski & Snowboard Company & Di 5 Adventure, December ---> Subject to Snowfall --> Every weekend in December. Of massive snow-covered area, where it was built and opened at one time part of the Indian Army, designed to patrol the border with Tibet areas. But the best time to visit Auli is from January to April, when the snow is perfectly textured, powdered and thick for skiing. School, Auli Garhwal Himalayas There are two snow-beaters imported from Germany, for beating the snow for skiing. Transport from X Haridwar depending on course booking For those of you who love to travel, plan your leaves accordingly with this handy 2021 leaves calendar. Come this winter and Learn skiing or snowboarding at Auli Himalayas. Located in the cradle of snow-capped mountains, Auli is one of the very few places in India where skiing is a major pastime. March is a bit of a gamble - the snow melt fast. Snowboard School provides professional lessons and training for adults and children in skiing or snowboarding. AULI, the place is almost like heaven on earth, and most visitors to the place would agree with this fact.