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Microwave Aroma Technology

Microwave Aroma Technology - This technology is to achieve the additional aroma of the food by providing the relevant 'smell' example; smoke aroma for duck and salmon, done by microwave oven.

Merits of Patented Innovation – Singapore 2002

“Aroma and Flavor” - Especially for pastry food stuffs, as well as baked/grill and smoke products.

  1. The ability to emit a pre-designated amount of food flagrance to gradually add aroma and flavor into food during the cooking process inside the Microwave Oven.
  2. This specially designed ‘pouch’ with food fragranced ingredients are discharged at an amount that is pre-designated by time and in stages at each heat level that is build up inside the HealthyPack box during cooking inside the Microwave Oven.

Result examples like: Chicken flavor for Chicken pie, satay, Gill aroma for steaks and smoke and charred fragrance for smoke salmon etc.

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