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Microwave Steam Technology

Microwave Steam Technology - This technology is to achieve the moist and tender freshness of food as if being steam inside a steamer oven - done by microwave oven.

  1. The ability to transform the HealthyPack container into a steamer oven within seconds inside the microwave oven. This specially designed ‘water pouch’ placed inside the HealthyPack will boil and the steam will erupt and rupture its casing, and discharged at an amount that is pre-designated by time and in stages at each heat level that is build up inside the Microwave Oven.
  2. The size of pouch, or amount of water are also pre-arranged, so that when the water is completely dried out, the food will be perfected as if done in a conventional steamer cooker oven.

In combination with our Microwave Crispy Technology, food and be arranged to be partially cooked steamed and than continue to receive the “baking” treatments. As such, food could result to Brown and Crispy on the outside and steamed fresh and juicy on the inside.

Food examples like: Chinese tim sum etc.

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