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Microwave “Brown and Crispy” Technology

Microwave Crispy Technology - Works like having an additional hot plate inside the Microwave Oven. Its temperature can achieve up to between 200 - 300 degree C - Food in contact with the extra hot surface will become grilled and crispy. (Depending on the type and texture of food, mainly pastries). Combine this technology with HealthyPack's Microwave Fresh, the possiblity to achieve Brown and Crispy on the outside, and, moist and juicy on the inside - done by microwave oven becomes possible.

Merits of Industrial Award – USA 2001

Combination of – “Brown and Crispy

  1. The ability to react with the ME and boost up to the heat energy to its desired temperature at selected spots or areas required. This energy can also be tuned to only brown the surface only or it can be tune to brown both the surface and cook the inside of the food.
  2. It is also able to Shield off ME to its desired temperature at selected spots or areas required so that the food could be retained ‘Cold’.

Result: Cook with different results: Brown on the outside only, Brown and cook on both the inside and outside, and Prevents cooking, eg: Salad

This technology when used in combination with HealthyPacks' compartmentalized designs, we are able to achieve 3 different cooking results. Brown and crispy on the outside and Moist and Juicy on the outside for one compartment, Moist, tender and Juicy on 2nd compartment, and Cold Salad on the 3rd compartment.

Safety Susceptor technology - “Brown and Crispy

  • The ability to react with “Microwave Radiation” to boost up the temperature level on the selected spots or areas “burns’ the food causing it to brown and turn crispy. For more details, ask the experts at below link.

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  • When Susceptor technology is applied inside the HealthyPack to cook, NOT only the surface turns brown, it cooks so efficiently fast that the inside of food still remains Very Moist and Chewy.

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