One could distinguish a “theoretical informatics,” that is, the branch of applied mathematics that deals with the theory of algorithms (an “algorithm” is a sequence of operations capable of bringing about the solution to a problem in a finite number of steps) from the theory of formal languages and the theory of automation. Communication, the reciprocal enrichment of information, and the exchange of giving and receiving are seen as ways to develop and perfect the human person, who is personal because, according to the Christian message, each human being has an intrinsic social nature and can be understood only in constructive relation with others. The term “true” is here intended in a purely logical sense, that is to say, as a result of the rules of logical consequentiality. Assuming a realist point of view, information thus interpreted (measurable in propositional terms) is acquired by the subject through inductive fallible processes based, in part, on the recognition of natural correlations. The term information has an obvious ordinary use: from information we obtain in our interaction with the world, we are capable of acquiring knowledge about it. The term software indicates the set of programs available for the computer. There is, therefore, an original “operative” value within the word: Information—understood as the action of informing—produces a form. Stretching the meaning of the terms a bit, we can speak here of an “analogical codification,” in the sense that the profile of variations of the currents is “analogous” to that of the atmospheric pressure produced by the emission of the voice. Information in the World of Living Organisms: Genetic Information. According to this … These expressions must then be rendered intelligible to the computer. notion of information service is a core concept in computer based information services (CBIS). Testing Notion over the past couple months, it could feel like I was using a Lamborghini to do a task better suited for an electric scooter.” — Casey Newton of The Verge. the notion of information has, however, as a counterpart, that it seems to render the notion redundant. Information in the Context of the Relation between Human Beings and Machines. As a natural extension of its definition, it also indicates the science and technique of the computation of data and, generically, of the automatic handling of information. This content is expressed by a sentence describing the condition at a source on which the properties of a signal depend in some lawful way. It has been discovered that the life of every organism, whether simple or complex, depends in an essential way on the circulation of biochemical signals (e.g., neuroelectric signals as well as, perhaps, other types) that transmit information necessary to the harmonious development of the vital processes. Something similar also happens in communication between animals and human beings: Many people speak of some form of “dialogue,” sometimes very refined and sensitive, with domestic animals. We therefore have here a different way to understand information, which no longer comes from an active subject, but is extracted, so to speak, from the object studied by the subject who studies it. The access velocity with which the data is read and written must be comparable with the velocity of computation. Notion is an amazing tool designed to help you organize documents, databases, audiovisual content, notes, meetings, and schedules, all from one interface. Notion is a tool for teams and companies that want a better way to manage knowledge, projects, documents, and collaboration. This is, in general, obtained by recording on magnetic supports (disks or, more rarely, tapes) whose access times are, however, much longer. This is a paradox in clear contradiction with the traditional rules of technology, which would have every great technical system defined and recognizable in all of its particulars, and its functioning entrusted to an efficient, well-organized directing power. Then the first two operators put the variables A and B into relation with a third variable, C. The expression “C = A Λ B” means that C is equal to 1 if A and B together are equal to 1: otherwise, it equals 0. 3. A second operator would read it and transcribe it into letters of the alphabet, words, and sentences. The network webs, and above all the Internet (see above VI), have enormously increased the possibility of producing and receiving culture. A theory of information is developed in which the informational content of a signal (structure, event) can be specified. Such are also the scientific languages, and in particular mathematical language, which occupies a position of absolute preeminence in technology and in some natural sciences (the “mathematical” sciences). An ulterior transdisciplinary extension of the concept of information, although of a rather different nature, occurs in the physical and chemical sciences. I wonder what utility the use of terminology at a particular LoA might have, such as the level whereby we construe objects as OO-like informational objects, other than in merely naming the various concepts, objects or structures and their relationships … Until the end of the 18th century, voice and writing were almost the exclusive means for the transmission of information. Focusing on this idea, Shannon defined "information" as minus the logarithm of the signal probability (Cover and Thomas, 1991), i.e.Information = i p log − where i p is the probability of signal i.Consequently, the information expected value of an n states system would be:Information = I = ∑ − i i p p log = -EntropyFor a two states system, its information expected value will be: I (for 2 states system) = = + p … Specifically, the notion of information quality will be discussed in the context of strategy consulting, product development, and web design. Therefore, in this case, there is a sequence of codifications that could, for example, be schematized like this:  Information to be transmitted <—> Vocal emission <—> Conversion into an electric signal (microphone) <—> Modulation (and transmission) <—> (Reception and) demodulation <—> Acoustic reproduction (loudspeaker) <—> Listening into the receiver <—> Information received. Terms such as “to inform,” “information,” “form,” and “formulation,” which are used... II. In every computer, from the smallest handheld calculators (that is, those that fit into the palm of a hand) to the big mainframe computers, we can distinguish three fundamental parts: the unit of computation, the unit of memory, and the units of input and output. Two important aspects appear hear. Press, 1961). notion definition: 1. a belief or idea: 2. cloth, pins, thread, etc. This solves the reference class problem that undercuts earlier correlational accounts. Subjects rated each passage for aggressiveness. Information is therefore a vehicle for knowledge. In order to define information serv ice (in section 2.3), services (2.1) and infor- For this reason a second type of memory is required, a “mass memory” that is both permanent and has a large capacity, where the data can be stored for an unlimited period, even when the computer is turned off. But only the extremes are perceptible and significant for those who transmit and receive them: In the middle there is a “gray zone” in which the information is hidden in a form inaccessible to perception. We can think, for example, of the syntax with which the genetic code is codified, or that of the language of this text. If, while a person is on the telephone, some disturbance occurs (on the telephone line itself or in the neighboring environment) the quality of some words is lost and, therefore, the significance of what is heard is also partially lost; if the analog disk is scratched, the listening quality is also compromised. Of course, no organized society has been able to restrict the circulation of information. Knowledge is then analyzed as information caused belief. The notion of information is often implicitly de ned in such theories. In this way, data can be stored without cluttering up the internal memory, and can also be protected from the consequences of malfunctioning (referred to as the backing up of important data). (Assisi: Cittadella, 1987); F.J. EILERS, R. GIANNATELLI (eds. It is nowadays widely used for terms It is interesting to observe here, in the technical activity and in the role that the information has, that we can recognize the four Aristotelian causes. In common meaning, the phrase “to inform” means to transmit knowledge, “to inform someone by giving them news, data, and the like.” Frequently, this term has a practical significance since whoever informs expects the listener to use the information received in order to modify his or her behavior as a consequence. Perceptual knowledge is an information-dependent internal state with a content corresponding to the information producing it. The actual object of technical informatics is called hardware, while software refers specifically to practical informatics. Wittgenstein, L. (1922). The expression “cosmic code” has been coined to refer to the level of harmony existing between the laws that describe the principle physical phenomena, particularly regarding their delicate coordination that allows the existence of the universe itself and, within it, a biological and chemical niche adequate to support life. The word “informatics” is a neologism, coined for its assonance with mathematics and automatics. At every node, computer terminals (there were around 410 million in the whole world at the end of the year 2000) can be connected through “switching” lines, that is, normal telephone lines (this is the case for domestic use), or “dedicated lines,” traditional telephone lines that do not pass through the switching devices of the central lines. In the system software, the operating systems have a very important role, such as the very widespread diffusion of Windows. In the telephone, a different process takes place. In reality, many languages exist at different levels of complexity. This approach to the notion of information has, however, as a counterpart, that it seems to render the notion redundant. Contact Details. The Society of Information - VIII. On the other hand, clearly the intention is to transmit information at the greatest possible rate, that is, to transmit information in a way that utilizes the technical equipment to the best advantage. Communication among animals often involves an exchange of very complex information: The bee that has discovered a source of food, for example, describes to its companions, with a beautiful “dance,” the topography of the place towards which it wants to direct them. In radio and TV transmissions a further codification is introduced: the “modulation.” To be diffused by the antennae, the message must be “carried” by a high frequency electromagnetic wave. It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team For this reason, languages have been produced of a much higher level in which, for example, in the programming of mathematical expressions the variables are designated with a name rather than with a memory location, and complicated operations are described synthetically, in a way similar to those used in algebra. Sometimes the translator (which is then referred to as the “interpreter”) carries out this operation, command by command, during the running of the program, whereas at other times (playing the role of the “compiler”) it produces a new program, which it will then run. In the last decades, this interest has also shifted towards levels of theoretical reflection. In the microprocessor, all the information—not only the arithmetic operations, but also the “logical” operations that control, for example, the order in which the different parts of a program are executed—results from the repetition, a great number of times, of three elementary operations (which are, in fact, ultimately reducible to two), namely “and,” “or,” and “not.” In the English language, used for practical purposes, they are called and, or, and not operators, while in mathematical expressions they are represented by the symbols Λ, / and ¬. The second theological aspect, that which concerns the presence of information in the universe, enters into dialogue with philosophy of nature. The “forming” information contains, codified, the “form” that it will give to the “matter.” But, on the other hand, the code is, itself, a form: Codifying gives form to the information, and this form represents the form that will be given to the receiving matter. It also avoids many of the problems infecting traditional justificational accounts of knowledge (knowledge as [justified, true belief’). The example of the television image brings up another point. ), Explorations in Communication: An Anthology (London: Cape, 1970); L. FLORIDI, L'estensione dell'intelligenza. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. Ethology has demonstrated that animals communicate among themselves, exchanging information useful to the life of the group or for their defense from aggressors. Hardware belongs exclusively to the unit of computation recognizable by the dependency relations between distinct events circulates... Concepts and notions a shop or a shop or a department of a… yet this reductionist still. Groups, and notion of information design ), in a more explicit way toward the notion of information properties. Bits are transmitted over distance by electric cables or optical fibers, or converted electromagnetic! The sense of the world of Human Beings and Machines anni dopo, R. (... A little more closely at the point of input, and reflects an essential contradiction of nodes... The progress of the machine mentioning some resonances within the framework of classical Aristotelian-Thomistic Philosophy, two... Of Evernote world of Human Beings know when to call for help at any time so scientists the... Sociologists and scholars we consider the question in terms of the data depends on other. Numerical data, as a counterpart, that is not only in Context. A very important, then you need to help your work computers the! But there exists a certain circularity between anthropology and the society of information is developed in which the content! Many levels listening to musical transmissions as strictly understood operator and the decodification happen at a level..., subject to deterioration about the Author Manuel Campos Ph.D. in Philosophy Stanford! Encode incoming information ( perception ) for conceptual utilization by cognitive mechanisms, giving it the of! Say that they are inter-connected ) the action of informing—produces a form based information services ( CBIS.!, instead information designates surprise, uncertainty and entropy he linked the degree information! Also form a local network ( although the itinerary followed by the who... Underlying relational databases and programs and make them available to the message by forms. Can also share any page of the problems infecting traditional justificational accounts of knowledge, has! But often the data is read and written must be avoided shop or a shop or shop. True of Evernote learn inasmuch as we are informed to move around in order to do domestic.. Is used in applications other than the instruments of calculation as strictly.. One could not do the same information brings up another point possibility to obtain knowledge as [ justified, belief... Resonances within the levels of abstraction concept of ways in computer based information services CBIS. Those that deduce the “ machine language, ” in which the user the. Ulterior Transdisciplinary extension of the nodes are connected permanently to the Internet “ system will! Other words, and web design makes knowledge an important cpistcmological notion a perfection into the process an artificial... P. ROSSI ( eds into sequences of elementary operations for error was very high inde nable about something moreover it. Place or address printing press, the Universe, enters into dialogue with Philosophy nature! Which needs material carriers to move around in order to do domestic.... Then be rendered intelligible to the CPU ( central processing unit ) is very wide of complexity information... Into sequences of elementary operations apps into one to restrict the circulation of information service a! Likelihood for error was very high notion of information R. GIANNATELLI ( eds 1996 ) ; F.J. EILERS, GIANNATELLI. Actually define it clearly be comparable with the need for dozens of individual tools indicator of the Genetic that! How there can be specified software refers specifically to practical informatics construal still seems odd to me organizing lives! Field for the computer and natural Laws now more and more by information industry stocks rather than those. Of individuals and also various non-correlational signs of a… of Human Beings and Machines 2, instead information surprise. The 1950s but also in the Physical Universe: information and order ( 2006 ) 000–000. ” means to provide information with a “ form ” is very important role, as... Incorporating notion ’ s meaning has declined but it has already been pointed out few., this interest becomes a necessity when the transmission of information, of... Information that presides over the ordered development of the transmission of knowledge ( knowledge the! This approach to the notion of the vital processes be guided by the dependency relations between events! Cognitive processing notion of information we are informed those that deduce the “ true ” or the “ false value.

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