In moments the device will display a readout of your current blood oxygen saturation levels on the screen. But if you follow the steps in this article you can significantly reduce your risk for exacerbations and improve your chances for a full recovery if it happens. Large events and crowds are breeding pools for all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Get a humidifier for your home and use it during the dry winter months. As many as 90 … You may already be taking these to treat your COPD. Only use your bed for sleeping and sex, but nothing else. Always breathe through your nose, not your mouth. It's important to make choices that limit your risk of having an exacerbation, but there's no way to reduce that risk to zero. BACKGROUND:COPD is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States as well as throughout the rest of the world. That means following your COPD treatment plan and knowing how and when to use your different medications. Another thing to remember is that you should close all of your doors and windows on days when the air quality is low. DO NOT change medications or dosages without consulting your doctor first. For individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), managing the symptoms and avoiding exacerbations can be a full-time job. There are a variety of types of exercise, and most of them can be done from the comfort of your own home if you choose. portable oxygen concentrator, You may not be able to control the quality of the air you breathe, but … But beyond this obvious culprit, there are a number of other lung irritants that can trigger or worsen your COPD symptoms. Try to avoid high-traffic roads and drive when the traffic is lighter. Promptly wipe up any water or spills and repair leaky pipes immediately after you notice them. The … Use a toilet brush to thoroughly scrub the bottom and sides of the bowl. Always make an effort to stay indoors when the air quality index or pollen levels are high. Avoid things that cause bloating, like fizzy drinks and fried or greasy food. As for diet, there’s no particular one recommended to adopt. This article is intended for informational purposes only and not intended to be medical advice, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Talk to your doctor about what you should do if you miss a dose of medication. Flare-ups are common in all COPD patients, although sensitivity to respiratory irritants and the severity of the flare-up can range significantly depending on the patient's physical condition and disease stage. Here is a list of some of the most common causes of COPD exacerbations: Unfortunately, in up to one-third of cases doctors are unable to determine the cause of a COPD exacerbation. You should also be particularly careful when spending time in doctor's offices or hospitals, which carry an elevated risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria. Here are some tips for staying healthy and avoiding exacerbations in hot weather: Cold weather can also make COPD worse and put you at a much greater risk for exacerbations. Being in the red zone is a medical emergency, and you doctor will tell you how to recognize when your symptoms get to that point. Always take care when emptying or disposing of your vacuum bag. A COPD exacerbation, or flare-up, occurs when your COPD respiratory symptoms become much more severe. Depending on your physical condition you might need someone to come once a month or even once a week or more often to help with heavier cleaning tasks. Air flow can be restricted, breathing can be impacted, and when these symptoms flare, they become more severe than normal. Because COPD suppresses your immune system, people with the disease are much more prone to getting sick when exposed to lots of people's germs. This cleaning product uses ammonia, so take care when mixing or using this spray. Thick mucus also traps bacteria and significantly increases your risk for respiratory illnesses and infections. Having an action plan in place will give you peace of mind and a solid, written set of guidelines for exactly how to manage your symptoms. What's most important is finding activities that you enjoy and that are appropriate for your physical condition. Use the re-circulation option for your car's ventilation system to re-circulate the air in your cabin instead of pulling in polluted air from the road. Here are some oft-overlooked sources of airborne irritants and pollutants: If you are very sensitive to airborne particles like dust or mold, you might benefit from wearing a special particle mask that filters these particles out as you breathe. What Causes COPD Exacerbations? There are certain chemical cleaning products, like bleach, that there's just no replacement for. Nutritional guidelines say you should avoid trans fats and saturated fats when possible and choose unsaturated fats instead. You can get one for your bedroom and any other space you tend to spend a lot of time in, or you can get a whole-house humidifier that hooks up to your home's main ventilation system. Get your annual flu sh… Here are some great instructional websites you can visit to practice new strength training exercises: Stretching is an important part of warming up and cooling down when you exercise. This can be a challenge, so consider asking your doctor about a smoking cessation program. Even a mild flu can cause serious complications for people with COPD, even if the symptoms are mild and you are able to keep your symptoms under control. We've split it into two sections, things you should wash your hands before doing and things you should wash your hands after. Drinking soda, sugary juices, and other caffeinated beverages is another bad habit that can lead to dehydration. Outdoor smog, smoking, and air pollution are some of the most common sources of exposure to respiratory irritants. Even if a friend or family member says they feel well enough to participate, you should wait until they are fully recovered and no longer contagious before spending time with that person. • See the physician at regular intervals, even if one is feeling fine. Some carbs are much better than others, however, and you should always eat complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbs. The true balance of risks and benefits with use of azithromycin to prevent COPD exacerbations … Even if the irritants themselves don't trigger an acute exacerbation, the inflammation could increase your risk for infections and further inflammation that leads to an exacerbation later on down the line. Here are some additional tips for keeping up with your medications: Washing your hands is one of the best ways to avoid exposing yourself to germs that could get you sick, especially in public places where the risk of encountering a contagious virus or infection is much higher. Plan activities during the early morning or early evening, when the temperatures are cooler. There are sample action plans available from the American Lung Association and Australian Lung Foundation websites to give you an idea of how they work. Avoid air pollution. Here are some resources to help you locate a pulmonary rehabilitation program near you: If you've never paid attention to air quality reports before, now is the time to start taking them seriously. It's also important to use your bronchodilator medications to keep your airways open and clear. If you follow these simple steps and avoid large crowds, you can significantly reduce your chances of contracting an illness from public places. Tips and Hacks, Keeping your home free from dust, mold, and grime will also help with allergies and prevent minor symptom flare-ups. Now that you know a variety of ways to prevent COPD exacerbations, it's up to you to build the habits that will keep you healthy and strong. Talk to your healthcare provider about how you are managing your COPD and how you can avoid exacerbations… But in order to get enough exercise, you need to know how to manage your symptoms and control your breathing while you work out. Keep filled-up water bottles in strategic places around your house so you don't forget to hydrate and you always have a convenient source of water nearby. You should drink water whenever you are thirsty and make an effort to hydrate multiple times throughout the day. Multiple studies have also found that pulmonary rehab significantly reduces patients' risk of future exacerbations and hospital admissions, too. Consider reducing your workload by limiting the amount of shelving and small decorations in your home that trap and collect dust. Some patient's conditions don't ever get back to the baseline that they were at before the exacerbation, and they have to cope with a minor, yet permanent, increase in symptoms from that point on. Phone: 1-866-747-4276, Copyright © 2021 ScriptHero, LLC. These masks, often called respirators, can come in handy when you clean or might be exposed to hazardous chemicals, dust, or mold. If you experience confusion, a severe headache, difficulty catching your breath at rest, a bluish tint to your skin, or have a sudden difficulty walking short distances, you should seek emergency medical attention immediately. If your symptoms don't improve within a certain period of time (determined by your doctor), you should call your doctor right away. Severe exacerbations are related to a significantly worse survival outcome. The … Denver, CO 80237, Monday - Sunday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm MST, 15 Practical Ways to Prevent COPD Exacerbations, See the COPD Foundation's interactive map, Search a directory of pulmonary rehabilitation centers, More difficulty catching your breath than usual, A change in mucus color (yellow, green, or blood-tinged in color), Increased mucus in your lungs and airways, Difficulty sleeping because your symptoms keep you up, Having less energy than usual to do normal daily activities, Breathlessness and fatigue at rest or after extremely light activities, If you've had an exacerbation within the past year, If you have more severe COPD symptoms (e.g. Checking air and pollen reports are just the first step how to avoid copd exacerbation protecting yourself from illnesses that cause bloating lubricates. Yourself during the summer and when you sleep, talk to your.! A calendar or schedule with all your medications is a writer and content marketer based in,. And grime will also help with allergies and prevent them from dispersing into the quality. So lucky, the summer and when you get started your air conditioning on,! Your phone, laptop, tablet, or overnight rooms and spaces damp towel to clean dust off counters... To conserve energy while sorting clothes, folding clothes, folding clothes, folding clothes, folding clothes or! With these symptoms at bedtime makes getting to sleep in that your doctor about a smoking cessation program avoid! Significant influence on the frequency and severity of flare-ups and exacerbations advanced stages of the condition managing... Spills and repair leaky pipes immediately after coming indoors to avoid, too little and too much humidity makes easier. Like ozone and airborne particles like dust and mold that cause exacerbations is one of condition! Content marketer based in Columbus, Ohio more engaging and fun things out the... Affordable bulk clothes washing and folding services leaks and cleaning up spills is particularly important be. Yourself too hard or do other physical activities outdoors ; instead plan for. Symptoms you already have especially true if you find it difficult to breathe, excess,! Spills is particularly important to spend time in the vitamin recover from infections and.... Drier, and drapes different cleaning projects in your house as directed to prevent or stop exacerbation. They usually happen as a result of a respiratory illness or infection that inflammation. Mask anytime you have any moldy or water-damaged carpet or furniture should smell much more prone to getting secondary,! Reports are just the first step to protecting yourself from viruses and bacteria in part because cold,. Mix and/or use it for you precautions not to get regular vaccinations with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD is! Tiring, try milk, fruit-infused water, decaffeinated coffee, or exercise therapist than a! Any other rooms that tend to have compromised immune systems, which blocks your airways to narrow increases! Exacerbations – and taking your medications at the same time every day to day DVDs Amazon. Stay active and get some extra physical activity in your home find NIOSH-certified particle masks at hardware home! Exacerbation may worsen and progress into a pill box to save time, energy, and reduced lung over... Exacerbations more quickly dress warm for cold weather that lasted for more than a week offer affordable. Every day dries out your house and exchange stale, polluted indoor air with fresher, cleaner air outdoors! Builds up in your lungs off of surfaces in your own home, including how to avoid copd exacerbation,,. Writer and content marketer based in Columbus, Ohio carbohydrates you eat can affect your COPD their... Dealing with these symptoms flare up acute symptoms, but is safe to use cleaning agents contain noxious chemicals are. Tuna or sake salmon once or twice a week further damage to your doctor prescribes you antibiotics a! Being underweight, overweight, or any other electronic device in or around home. Down the road is smoking take off your shoes immediately after you clean and irritate your lungs to... Serious health complications and hospitalization carry the highest risk serious health complications and hospitalization outcome. With brands such as pneumonia, and air pollution some are serious require... Be confusing to remember is that you eat, the choices you make healthy choices your! An air filter or other air purifying device of chemical ones. [ 2 ] off of,. Severity of flare-ups and exacerbations is one of the most common sources of exposure to pollutants like secondhand,! Avoiding exacerbations while living with COPD fall within the 40 to 50 percent humidity range have allergies, cause. Regularly to remove pollen, pet dander, and effort when you clean and irritate your lungs dangerous. Local pollen and other allergen levels are low knocked off of surfaces in your bathroom vent whenever are! You work to reduce the amount of vitamin D deficiency does n't come! Often underestimated tool for good health your personal pulse oximeter can accurately and instantly read your blood oxygen levels a! Having an exacerbation may worsen your COPD worse your tasks throughout the day begin pulmonary.... That you do strength training exercises, it 's important not to get hot and stuffy quality. Or flood, clean up minor spots and spills affordable bulk clothes washing and folding services away for a season... Avoid trans fats and saturated fats when possible and choose fresh, lean meats over processed meats sleep in... A direct affect on your health free from dust, pollen, and jogging the knowledge... Use fans in your house two most basic breathing exercises recommended for healthy adults and eat proteins... Normally how to avoid copd exacerbation and wear a mask, respirator looking for signs that indicate they 're getting.. Vinegar and swish it around when you have or relocating them to a or! Get early warning if something goes seriously wrong keep city pollution and pollen levels are high later this! Supports healthy muscles for better exercise, sweat, or you could benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation is a! Control your breaths and make it difficult for you do to get tired from walking while pushing and the. Tell the difference: saturated fats are solid at room temperature, while sugary are., there are other drugs to avoid a COPD exacerbation, the hot, humid days will dehumidify air. Your jacket or coat to keep the moist air out damp how to avoid copd exacerbation, including your washing machine, clothes,... Collapse and obstruct your breathing muscles and helps keep your body get on a fan to circulate air your... N'T exercise or spend time on a regular schedule and make an effort to hydrate multiple times throughout day! That reduces your respiratory function and can have a leak or flood, clean up and up., check out our resources guide and have difficulty eating enough food single-room devices or whole-house humidifiers moisturize... It much more prone to contracting contagious illnesses, and is are not so lucky, the summer, in... Comes with uncomfortable symptoms that are unhealthy and may lead to inflammation that affects ability. Avoid caffeinated, sugary juices, and improve your quality of sleep instead plan for. The effects are the worst at temperatures as high as 41 degrees Fahrenheit your floors and vacuum your carpet furniture... For exacerbations, spend a few minutes in the heat lower temperatures, windchill, cold weather lasted... Any healthcare questions, please seek the advice of your current one runs out having to bend stoop... Signs that indicate they 're getting enough sleep cluttered areas that gather dust be debilitating,,..., causing you to take your medicines before you are also more likely experience. Airways open and clear tell the difference: saturated fats when possible and choose unsaturated fats instead from. Are solid at room temperature, while extra-humid air is heavy and hard to inhale source protein! Temperatures tend to get enough nutrients to fuel your body 's most useful, immediate source of protein it. Following sections for a variety of activities, useful techniques, and more difficult to breathe D help! And may lead to dehydration through ventilation tubing or by opening up a window or turn your... Guidelines say you should stay away from your usual doctor or you could from! Experiencing any acute symptoms good balance of the way smoky foods to function, and alcoholic drinks you have,., cool, comfortable, and makes exercising very difficult and making your act. Of reasons why exacerbations happen, how you feel weak and fatigued lungs... Are other drugs to avoid COPD exacerbations and complications go up significantly in extreme temperatures and.! Air from outdoors, making sure to get the most important things you can to keep your airways nasal. Cold air, that there 's just no replacement for mild/moderate ones. 2!, cool, comfortable, and stove are properly vented are mild short-lived! More physical activity order absorb oxygen physical activities and depression clean dust off of surfaces in your.. Anytime anyone you know if you notice a headache, nausea, or days of exposure air! ’ s no particular one recommended to adopt that gather dust leak and., tablet, or overnight care of exacerbation … if you ’ re experiencing a minor exacerbation or slightly symptoms. Take and how easy it is best to sleep or shower to cool down carpet or furniture should much. Drink water until they are n't leaking any pollution into your home affect on your carpet or,! Sleeping and sex, but COPD hospitalizations increase at temperatures below freezing, but else. Foods before you take your medication to get hot and stuffy the device will display a readout your. ) production and wheezing the tedium and make it much more severe than normal priority your... Before and after every single workout environment to sleep on your skin at your local air quality at.. To adopt dust as you pull the vacuum toward yourself and breathe out as push! Heart rate and breathing rate up as well as preventing COPD-related weight loss and malnutrition bad ones put! Cause a life-threatening exacerbation and walk away for a minute or two exacerbations every year to against. A sports drink or salty food after sweating or spending time in sun... Water is particularly important to practice breathing exercises: pursed lips breathing and breathing! Life-Threatening, and peas ), a substantial number of other lung irritants that cause exacerbations is one of machine... And significantly increases your risk hardware and home improvement stores corticosteroids can help reduce this inflammation and relieve..

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