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Plastic Lids

Plastic lids are off-the-shelf items.
No MOQ required.
Not sold individually.
No "OTD" discounts.


Ordinary Flat lids

Compartmentalized lids.


Compartmentalized lids, also called Comm Lids is unique.
This lid itself serves as a 2nd container, separating Dry from Wet Stuffs.


3com lid has 3 mini compartments. It is used with the combination of the ordinary flat lid.


Dome Lid: Clear transparent plastic. Mainly for items like salad.


'MiT' Made in Taiwan

Terms and Condition :
  1. Material FDA compliance of assorted origin (China, Taiwan & otrs)
  2. Production time about 7 weeks (to be advised)
  3. Quality assurance by Taiwan factory.
  4. Sample printing – printed on art paper using computer printer – One time only.
  5. Tax exemption to FTA countries – Not Available.

Soupér bowl lids
Lid type # Size / Volumn in CC Minimum Order
Top Diameter
Flat Lid 1 260 / 320c.c 10 cartons
(not sold separately)
91mm Ø
2 390 (H) 101mmØ
3 520 / 390s 107mmØ
4 M500(JC1251) 118.5mmØ
5 750c.c 127mmØ
6 780 / 850 / 1,000 141mmØ
7 900  #C-168 164mmØ
Dome Lid 8 260 / 320cc dome lid 91mm Ø
9a 850 High Dome 141mmØ
9b Low Dome
10 900cc Dome lid #VS35F 164mmØ
Compartmentalized Lid
(separating Dry & Wet)
11 850 compartment lid 141mmØ
12 900 Comm.lid 164mmØ

Cold Cups Lids
Lid type # Top Diameter MOQ
LPC12-Flat PP lid 1 80mm 10 cartons
X 2,000
LPC22-Flat PP Lid 2 90mm
PS32-Flat PS Lid 3 104.5mm

Ice Cream Cups
Size / Volumn Design Minimum Order Quantity Specifications
Top, Bottom, Height
1 150c.c cup Single wall 20,000 pcs 95mm,80mm,45mm
2 160c.c  cup 86.5mm,74mm,49.5mm
3 220c.c  cup 100mm,83mm,48mm

Cold Cups Lids
Lid type # Top Diameter MOQ
160cc Flat lid 1 86.5mm Ø 10 cartons
X 2,000
220cc Flat lid 2 100mm Ø DSC04742
160c.c PET Dome Lid 3 86.5mm Ø

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