Soupèr Bowl Lids Paper Lid

Plastic Lid
  1. Made from Paper
  2. Water tight, spill proof
  3. Keep Warm
  4. Beautiful Printings
  5. Echo Friendly -
    1. Biodegrable
    2. Compostable
    3. Renewable resource of raw material
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Soupér Cup / Bowl Features

Double Wall Insulation

Our Double wall Soupér series are the latest in Cup Bowls technologies today. It NOT ONLY ensures better temperature insulations - HOT inside, COLD outside - retaining temperature longer, it also provides better print quality due to its smooth, undistorted surface. Furthermore, this design requires less material thus lower cost as compared to ripple design.


How does it works

Uniquely Soupér Bowl
Double Wall Insulated Paper Bowl
Insulation Capability and Safety

Soupér Insulation Capability

----Comparison ---

A common bowl has only ONE layer of wall.

A Soupér bowl has 2 layers of walls.

The outer wall is specially constructed with a ring, rolled inwards, to create an air gab between the walls to serve as an efficient insulator. This outer wall we called Soupér Sleeve


Soupér bowl, latest in Cup Bowl technologies

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