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“Food in Pouch, Cook in Box” inside a Microwave

A revolutionary concept in the ready meal industry that provides maximum choice of mix and match your taste buds.

Wide selections of (A) + (B) > pour into box, microwave 2 mins > ready to serve.

(A) One pouch of Rice or Noodle + (B) One pouch of Gravy or sours
Both (A) and (B) are packed inside the HealthyPack
Pour the contents into the HealthyPack.
Microwave for 2+-mins depending on the food type.
Serve from box
Back to freezer (if to eat later)

Advantage :

  • Optional to add Fresh Ingredients to cook at the same time (e.g.: an egg or sea food).
  • The inverted cover acts as a 2nd serving tray.

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